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Interview with Principal Raghavendra of the Indiganatha School in Southern Karnataka. Learn about Samatva's support of these students, all of whom face financial difficulties.

Teacher awards

Recognizing the service of teachers and their efforts to improve rural schools' education

Our Work

Samatva Trust identifies thousands of children bright in their studies but are from economically poor and backward rural areas and provides them with scholarships to continue their education We hold competitions, symposia, and school-specific programs to improve the education of these underprivileged students.


How to Help

All contributions made will directly go to helping children's education. Your contribution will help alleviate the effects of poverty in families with insufficient funds to give their children the basic education they deserve.

Recent Achievements

Mr. Gururaj, a highly motivated student who is economically poor and lost his father at a young age, worked as a laborer. Samatva identified and recognized his passion for education and decided to help him out. Mr. Gururaj has completed his Masters of Commerce from the University of Mysuru, Mysuru, India. Currently, he is working as a commerce lecturer in Vidyarashmi first grade college, Savanoor (University of Mangalore, Mangalore, India).

Ms. Maala, a talented student, is now a senior nurse at Victoria Hospital in Bengaluru and treats COVID-19 patients.

Student Scholarships

Apply for a Samatva Individual Scholarship​ for personalized financial help in your educational journey. Open to motivated, academically successful, and financially struggling students.

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