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Samatva Progress Scholarship
ಸಮತ್ವ ಪ್ರಗತಿ ವಿದ್ಯಾರ್ಥಿವೇತನ

Link to the application:


The Samatva Progress Scholarship identifies talented and enthusiastic Master's Degree students who come from a low income background and supports them in their college education. The Scholarship will cover 20,000 rupees for the 2nd year tuition of the Master's Degree program and provide career advice and guidance to the Samatva scholars. Up to 3 candidates will be selected to receive the scholarship.


- First Year Master’s Degree student in any Science field, currently in 2nd semester

- Attending: Central College Bengaluru, Tumkur University, Bangalore University, Bengaluru North University, or University of Mysore

- Low-income background

- Highly motivated and ambitious for a scientific research career

Initial Application Deadline: August 30, 2024


Talent lies everywhere while opportunities are sparse. Samatva created the Samatva Progress Scholarship to bring recognition to those who are traditionally left behind in scientific academia. We aim to harness the potential of these curious students and help facilitate educational advancement and future achievement.

How we select the Samatva Scholars:

The selection committee utilizes a holistic process to create a class of Samatva scholars dedicated to their research.

We are looking for original ideas, compelling communication, a commitment to science, and potential for future success.

We evaluate the strength of the applicant by reviewing their academic career, writing samples, and extracurricular activities while recognizing the underprivileged backgrounds the students come from.

Application Timeline:

August 30 - Initial Application Deadline

TBD - Semi-finalists announced

TBD - Semi-finalist Application Deadline

TBD - Finalists announced

TBD - Finalist Interviews

November 1 - Recipients announced

Link to the application:

1st Cohort - 2023

Arshiya Fathima

Indian Academy Degree College

Amrutha Gangaraju

Tumkur University

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