Science Project Competition for Rural School Children

How to help

Samatva Trust identifies thousands of children bright in their studies but from economically poor and backward rural areas and provides them with scholarships to continue their education. Please donate. All contributions made will directly go to helping children's education. Your contribution will certainly help alleviate the effects of poverty in families with insufficient funds to give their children the basic education they deserve.

Recent Achievements

Mr. Gururaj was a highly motivated student who was economically poor, lost his father at a young age, and worked as a laborer. Samatva identified and recognized his passion for education and decided to help him. Gururaj has completed Masters of Commerce from the University of Mysuru, Mysuru, India. Currently, he is working as a commerce lecturer in Vidyarashmi First Grade College, Savanoor (University of Mangalore, Mangalore, India).

Ms. Maala, a talented student, is now a senior nurse in Victoria Hospital in Bengaluru and also treats COVID-19 patients.


Samatva's Workshop
Samatva held an education workshop to bring awareness to the importance and the opportunities available to rural children. Around 300 students, ages 14-18, benefited from this.


First prize winner, DNA


Discussion with young talents and future scientists of India


Model Rocket Launch by Village Students

Science Project Competition

Hadinaru Village, Mysuru district, Karnataka state, India

2017-01-19 01.36.41

Science Project Demonstration by Students

2017-01-19 06.21.50

High School Hadinaru Village

2017-01-19 05.39.24

Hadinaru School children

2017-01-19 06.56.47

Advice on studying for final exams by Vishwanath, the vice prinicipal of National College

2017-01-19 06.09.13

Motivational Speech by Vishwanath, Vice Principle of National College, Bengaluru


Presentation about research on neuroscience by Dr. Srinivasa Subramaniam, Associate Professor, of the Scripps Research Institute, Florida

2017-01-19 02.15.22

Fun of doing science discussion by Dr. Siddappa Setty, Fellow (Associate Professor), ATREE


"Sourya kutumba" meaning solar system description by student


"Kanthada bala," meaning magnetic field demonstration

2017-01-19 02.08.34
2017-01-19 02.14.26

"Rasayansastra" Organic chemistry description by student

2017-01-19 01.32.06
2017-01-19 02.28.47
2017-01-19 06.56.47
2017-01-19 01.22.11
2017-01-19 02.14.05
2017-01-19 02.18.33
2017-01-19 02.40.20
2017-01-19 05.34.50
2017-01-19 01.49.31
Center of gravity

Third prize winner, center of gravity

2017-01-19 01.41.11