The Best Teacher Award


Teachers play a major role in promoting education. Samatva Trust took a special consideration to recognize teachers who has made oustanding constribution to rural childern education. Many of rural teachers live in a village that is remote from the city life, spend their entire life educating the children of those villages. Six teachers were given a “Best Teacher Award” for outstanding service and dedication to teaching in rural area schools. Teachers were selected based on (1) how students and colleagues felt about them, (2) their methodology of teaching, and (3) their ability to inspire young minds. The award ceremony has been published by the popular daily newspaper in Karnataka, in recognition of the importance of this Best Teacher Awards.

Mr. Umesh
Ms. Puttathayi

Ms. Puttathayi has served as dedicated teacher in of Hondarabalu Elementary School for more than 14 years. Recognizing her dedication to teaching, Samatva Trust awarded her best teacher award

Ms. Divyarani
Mr. Venkatachala

Mr. Venkatachala of Ganigamangala Ashrama school helped promoting education for 17 years in a remote tribal school, where the only available transportation is by walk.

Ms. Divya Rani of Indiganatha school for her outstanding
contribution for promoting education in a remote school.

 Mr. Umesha of Tholasikere school for his outstanding
contribution the promotion of ecuation in a remote school.