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Improving the Quality of Rural Schools


We have completed the distribution of mid-day meals and tumblers to the school located in the village Tulasikere near MM Hills. The meals were distributed to 60 children whose parents are economically poor. Samatva's secretary, Dr. R Siddappa Setty, spoke with teachers and parents in this village about Samatva Trust, its objectives, and explained its determination to encourage and support prospective children for higher education. Tulasikeres has a total of 150 households and out of 150, ten households belong to the Soliga tribal community. Samatva would like to
continue to coordinate with teachers and children to provide necessary scholarships to bright students for further education.


Haleupparahalli is in the Kolar district, Karnataka. Samatva Trust has appointed a teacher on a monthly salary basis. Fifteen students who were excellent in their studies received educational materials from Samatva.


Four underprivileged students were excellent in their studies; Samatva gave each a 750 rupees (14$) scholarship to support their studies. These students were in the 8th standard. Samatva is looking forward to supporting them and other students for their further education.

Vaddarahalli School

Vaddarahalli is located close to Bangalore district, Karnataka. Only one teacher takes care of 200 students studying from 1st to 5th standard in a single room. The primary facilities like teachers, sitting benches, and toilets are all immediately required in this school. All the students are from economically-poor family backgrounds and have parents who are mostly
primary school dropouts. We have distributed basic items for all the students, such as pencils, erasers, geometry boxes, clothes.  A quiz was conducted for the students studying in 5th standard, as a part of Samatva’s motivation plan.

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