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Education Symposium 2022


Samatva hosted an Education Symposium in Chamarajanagar District in October 2022 where we discussed the importance of education to rural children in 11th grade to college.


Samatva members Dr. Siddappa Setty, Professor Vishwanath, and Dr. Srini Subramaniam spoke to the students on educational skills, such as note-taking, and the necessity of education.


District Police Officer Pryadarshni discussed how education is the only tool for success and how education was the reason behind her becoming a police officer.

Previous Samatva students who received scholarships from us also spoke at the symposium, telling the students how Samatva helped them gain a proper education and achieve their goals.


Dr. Siddappa Setty presenting.

All of Samatva's students who spoke at the symposia.

CLICK HERE to watch their success story interviews.


Mr. Gururaj presenting.

Dr. Madegowda speaking.

The goal of the Education Symposium was to inspire students to continue their education and not to give up because of a lack of resources as Samatva can provide them. Education is key for all of these students in order to move forward in life, and our speakers made sure to emphasize its importance.


District Police Officer Pryadarshni presenting.

Professor Vishwanath speaking

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