Science Project Competition for Rural School Children

Most children from rural India hesitate to choose Science as a career as it is taught in English, whereas these children study in their mother tongue that is, for example, Kannada, in Karnataka. Despite much Science talent and interests, these kids are forced to choose non-science subjects as their career. This deprives rural children, which is 70% of India, from discovering, innovating, and contributing to the development of the nation. Samatva Trust decided to encourage children to take up Science as a career through counseling, science exhibition and awarding science scholarship. Below is one such project in a village, Hadinaru, in Mysuru district, India. 36 children from grades 8-10 demonstrated science experiments, and we distributed prizes to motivate them to choose Science for further studies. We  will be also be providing additional scholarships and counseling to persue Science in college studies. Please click below to see the photos and location.


First prize winner, DNA


Discussion with young talents and future scientists of India


Model Rocket Launch by Village Students

Science Project Competition

Hadinaru Village, Mysuru district, Karnataka state, India

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Science Project Demonstration by Students

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High School Hadinaru Village

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Hadinaru School children

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Advice on studying for final exams by Vishwanath, the vice prinicipal of National College

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Motivational Speech by Vishwanath, Vice Principle of National College, Bengaluru


Presentation about research on neuroscience by Dr. Srinivasa Subramaniam, Associate Professor, of the Scripps Research Institute, Florida

2017-01-19 02.15.22

Fun of doing science discussion by Dr. Siddappa Setty, Fellow (Associate Professor), ATREE


"Sourya kutumba" meaning solar system description by student


"Kanthada bala," meaning magnetic field demonstration

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2017-01-19 02.14.26


"Rasayansastra" Organic chemistry description by student

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2017-01-19 02.28.47

2017-01-19 06.56.47

2017-01-19 01.22.11

2017-01-19 02.14.05

2017-01-19 02.18.33

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2017-01-19 05.34.50

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Center of gravity

Third prize winner, center of gravity

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